Why Become An Affiliate Marketer

An online entrepreneur may choose to become an affiliate marketer for many reasons. With affiliate marketing, you don’t need your own products. You simply promote someone else’s already proven successful offer for a commission. Some may find that they have tried to create an online product, and are not successful at completing it.

A way to still be involved in what inspired that desire to create is to promote that item. For example aspiring musicians may not be able to create new and original songs, but can post links to purchase national artists’ MP3 files on their MySpace pages, allowing them to still share with the world their passion.

There are those people who while they can create, find themselves overwhelmed by constantly having to produce more and more, to keep up with the amount of expected profit. Affiliate marketing can be a substantial supplement to a site used to sell one’s own product.

There are those who find that affiliate marketing commissions are proportionate to the amount of work they put in. This format opens up the market for many potential affiliates. A stay at home mom or college student can become profitable by only working when they can, around their busy schedule. Affiliate marketing can be used in conjunction with other online marketing or activity.

Affiliate marketers don’t have to be an internet genius since there is no need to set up business website that processes orders, they just have to know how to type and post. There is also no business expense or operating overhead, this can all be done from a computer and internet connection that is already established.

Being that affiliate marketing is somewhat new in online marketing, there are no industry standards, or agency that regulates this practice, internally or externally. There is also a lack of professional training or certification, as there is no such program publicly or privately available.

Some merchants offer or recommend courses and seminars but are only considered valid by the company that requests or provides the course.

Some outsourced program management companies combine formal seminar type training with unconventional training methods integrating techniques such as brainstorming and group discussions; therefore, learning what has worked for others. No one certification or course is accepted universally. So an affiliate may find themselves spinning their wheels in order to advance and progress as an affiliate.

Affiliate marketing is not widely taught in universities, only very few professors teach the topic specifically in internet marketing studies. In most marketing degree programs this genre of advertising is not commonly in the curricula. The most valued form of education in this area comes from “real life” and learning by doing. There are online teaching/ learning tools, others blogs, podcasts, videos and sites dedicated to affiliate marketing.

This is where courses such as Commission Blueprint 2 can really make a difference in the success of the marketer.

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